Starr Auto Rentals motion picture service

Concierge Services Los Angeles

Here at Starr Auto Rentals, we provide nothing but the best to our affiliate’s within the motion picture industries. From television to film projects, not excluding commercials etc. We specialize in European cars, but tell us what you need for your film and we will get it for your shoot. Whether you’re in need of a specific style or are simply looking to make a statement, we can work with your staff to make an effective presentation that will benefit any motion picture event. 

We offer true one-stop shop to facilitate all your motion picture needs with ease. With our talented team of experienced employees, we strive to bring nothing but the highest standards of service and quality for every client. We’re very grateful for the tremendous praise we’ve received for both our corporate and individual works.

Prior to delivery of any vehicle, Starr Auto Rentals require a certificate of Insurance naming Starr Auto Rentals as additional loss/payee.

TEL: (310) 733-6201
ADDRESS: 8964 National Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90034 USA