Rent a Maybach 62S in Los Angeles

Rent the prestige Maybach 62S for as low as $3,000 per day or $18,000 per week

About the Maybach 62S

Maybach 62S
Los Angeles car rental has much to offer, but if you’re looking for a luxury experience created for royalty
and stardom, you can’t miss this opportunity to rent a Maybach 62S. At Starr Auto Rentals, you can drive
away with this coveted modern classic for an unbeatable price and experience what many would
consider the high point of our Prestige Collection. With uncompromising luxury and a spacious back
section, this is the perfect vehicle for socializing, relaxing, and being driven around by your personal

Key Stats
•    MSRP: $426,250
•    Style: Sedan
•    Engine: 543hp V12
•    Transmission: 5-speed automatic
•    Top Speed: 155 mph
•    Passengers: 4
•    Exterior: White

Vehicle Features:
•    21-speaker Premium Bose Sound
•    Sirius Radio
•    Bluetooth Connectivity
•    DVD/CD Player
•    Dual Back Seat 9.5” Screens
•    Heated Front Seating
•    Leather Interior
•    Highly Adjustable Seating
•    GPS Navigation
•    Touch Screen Interface

We offer prestige car rentals in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Santa Monica, West Hollywood and
Hollywood at the best prices. We're the leader in car rentals. If you are in Southern California looking for
a car rental, simply give us a call 310-733-6201 or create an account and make a reservation online NOW.

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